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CHAUVET DJ is committed to helping DJs, bands and every type of mobile entertainer imaginable, build and improve their business. With that goal in mind, we created the CHAUVET DJ Academy — an interactive and informative online video program covering a wide range of topics such as lighting, sales, marketing, business tips and more. Watch the videos and pass the quizzes. When you complete all the levels, you’ll earn valuable CHAUVET DJ VIP Reward points*

To get started, simply click on the introductory video featuring CHAUVET DJ Academy host, Geoff Short.

About the CHAUVET DJ Academy

CHAUVET DJ Academy consists of four levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Each level contains five videos that cover a number of different topics related to lighting and the mobile entertainment business. At the end of each video, you will need to complete and pass a five-question quiz in order to continue on to the next video. Once you complete and pass all five quizzes for each of the levels you will earn CHAUVET DJ VIP Reward points*. Classes are in session!

* Not all participants may be eligible for rewards and certain rewards may be available only to certain geographic locations. No substitution or compensation will be made in cases to participants living outside of a geographic location required for a particular reward.